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(ru) Кросс-кантри с мотором



(ru) Видеокурс об особенностях вождения кроссоверов


Снимок экрана 2013-02-05 в 22.27.39

Внедорожный тест-драйв Mitsubishi

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Fuck charisma! The new society has new values and has no place for morality, ethic, culture and mercy

A human is a social being. Society nurtures, teaches and protects him. In a healthy society he grows up as a healthy person. If the society is sick, the human won’t avoid illnesses. Is there a panacea for social illnesses? Of course there is! You should start with yourself. But this sketch is not about morality, ethic and culture of our society, although these themes undoubtedly will become the corner ones. It is about the things which expeditions of the X-Territory project put us wise about.  (more…)


(ru) 27-29 июля – Offroad FreeFest 2012 на берегу Киевского водохранилища




4×4 GAZelle

Searching for an ideal constructor

Now we are searching for an ideal car to travel out of the city. Al fresco. The further, the better. That’s why expeditions make the one of our hobbies. And we are searching for an ideal off-roader especially for expeditions. And this is a constructor: minimum of electronics, easy to be transformed, repaired and serviced.

Sobol “Okhotnik”

‘Okhotnik’ (hunter) barely corresponds to the most points mentioned. Fit enough to be repaired? Not sure. Easy to be serviced? Not sure. Bringing no trouble? Not sure either. But the impression is breath-taking.  (more…)


New Range Rover with scratched and malformed rims. Or how I bought a new car at an official dealership

‘How should I know: you may have driven out of the dealership and changed the wheels with your friend’s car’, I was astonished with these words of a director of official Range Rover car dealership.

The night before I finally managed to take out my brand new Range Rover Sport. And after half an hour at a tire shop you hear a surprised, “You told the car is new. But why the rims are malformed and scratched?’

It turns out that the wheels were maintenanced not once. The tires are Russian – Nokian, instead of a standard for Land Rover Continental. Multiple scratches are on the painting. And all this in a car bought for 80 000 Euro! It took an arm and a leg to make this purchase. But everything in its turn. 



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